Moscow Transport Innovations [Piloting program]

Scale your project in the world’s city No. 1 in the Urban Transportation Ranking 2021*
* "Urban Transportation Systems of 25 Global Cities" McKinsey

About the project

Moscow Transport Innovations (MTI) is the first accelerator program designed for mobility startups conducting the pilot projects on the infrastructure of Moscow's leading transport companies.

We offer a wide range of tracks – from delivery robots and autonomous cars to green tech and traffic safety solutions. We help companies to launch a pilot, improve or adapt the product and connect international startups company with decision makers and leading corporates in Europe’s biggest megacity and No. 1 in Startup Ecosystem development (StartupBlink 2021).

Applications are accepted until November 24st, 2021. Pre-selected applicants will be invited to a pitch round in Berlin. A jury of industrial experts and representatives of leading transportation companies from the Moscow Public Transport network will select the most innovative teams. After the two-month programme, the most promising teams will implement their products and services in the individual infrastructure areas of the Russian capital's transport network.

What do we offer
We will tell you, how Moscow transport is organized, how to present your project, go through pre-piloting stage, how to do pilots and achieve results in Russian B2G
We can ensure the quickest pilot possible with Moscow transport
Enhance networking
We will connect you to the best experts, partners and other teams
Our advantages
Easy entrance

Accelerating team will help you to get to know Moscow transport companies and prepare optimal proposal to the one which is interested in your solution

Industry expertise

We have chosen best experts in transport for your team. They can assess your project’s potential, train the team within the educational program, and shape your solution during Q&A sessions

Practical focus

We offer compulsory training module during the first month of acceleration. Yet, it is a set of practical workshops designed to understand peculiarities of B2G

Product/Moscow transport fit

Accelerating team will help you to pilot your solution towards Moscow transport organizations’ demand, find internal clients in this system and launch piloting – or shorter, drive you towards your product/Moscow transport fit

Unique piloting program

We facilitate the team’s pilot with Moscow transport organizations at each stage of the process, including preliminary. Acceleration lengths is two months, and throughout this period we make sure the startup team and internal client are both satisfied

Accelerator’s team

We found involved people with unique competence, skills and expertise to lead team through acceleration process. In return we are looking for teams’ involvement and creation of true partnerships

You are our ideal startup, if
  • Your team had developed the product/prototype/ MVP – so we have something for piloting
  • Your team consists of at least 2 people
  • Co-founders are involved in acceleration (all key people will participate in acceleration program)
  • Your solution matches key technologies as defined further
Key technologies
Accessible and comfortable public transport
  • Solutions for the Moscow subway
  • Solutions for customer feedback and suggestions
  • Solutions for the Ground transportation
  • Solutions for stops, including autonomous stops
Innovative mobility solutions
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Unmanned driving solutions
  • Waterway transport solutions
  • Customized bus transportation development: schoolchildren transportation, last-mile solutions, cluster accessibility solutions
Traffic safety solutions
  • Traffic accidents prognosis and prevention
  • Track and motorcycle traffic accidents decreasing
  • Pedestrian traffic accident decreasing solutions (including yards and school areas)
  • Taxi and car-sharing safety solutions
  • Speeding prevention
  • Taxi and car-sharing optimization
  • Pedestrian safety solutions
  • Taxi and car-sharing parking solutions
Green streets and ecology
  • Cycling and scooter transportation development solutions
  • Electric transport development solutions
  • Solutions for pedestrian feedback and suggestions
  • Ecological monitoring, noise monitoring (including monitoring by vehicle types)
Digital technologies
  • Parking spaces accessibility solutions, including areas without video monitoring
  • Joint trips as the last-mile transport for business centers in the outskirts of the city
  • Ticketing solutions, including multimodule trips, subscriptions, packages, personal pricing, pay-as-you-go, bonuses, and passenger loyalty programs
  • Traffic situation information for trip planning
  • Moscow transport app development solutions (MaaS)
  • Intellectual transportation solutions, including dynamic traffic management, video analytics, and biometrics, dynamic pricing for parking
  • Unmanned vehicle development, including crewless buses, trams, subway trains, taxis
  • Routing optimization solutions (including picturesque and clean air ones) that consider public transportation capacity, parking, pricing, and other
Industry experts
Vladislav Sultanov
Head of «Transportation Organizer» state enterprise
Vladimir Titov
Director of «MosTransProekt» research institute
Maxim Gorin
Head of the Transport Communications in The Department of Moscow Transport and Road Infrastructure Development
Dmitry Gorshkov
Deputy Head of «Traffic Organization Center» state enterprise (responsible for information systems development)
Alexey Fomichev
«Mosgortrans» state enterprise Dеputy CEO
Sergey Lomtev
Head of «Safe Transport» Innovation Centre (part of Moscow Metro Security Service). Traffic Organization Center» state enterprise Mentor
Maria Andrianova
Deputy Head for Strategic Development, ANO «MDTO»
Dmitry Yerzamaev
Head of Mosgortrans IT and Communications Service branch office
Alexandra Kopylova
Velobike Chief Operations Officer
Magomed Kolgaev
Sharing Project Chief officer, Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development
Alexey Vazhnov
Corporate Development Department Head in the Investment Department, Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development
Vitaly Arzamastsev
Corporate Development Department Head in the Investment Department, Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development
Alexandra Shumskaya
«Moscow Energy» Project Manager
Maxim Shevchenko
Deputy Chief Engineer, Head of the Technical Policy Service in the Moscow Underground
Gusein Rimikhanov
Head of Mobile Applications Support Department in the Moscow Underground
Dmitry Tur
Head of the IT Development and Communications Systems in the Moscow Underground
Ilya Yermakov
«Mosgortrans» state enterprise Head of Technical Development Department and Technical Service
Stanislav Nikolaev
IT Department Development Service Chief Specialist
Community and media partners
Startup shortlist
Luna Systems (Ireland)

Computer vision platform for micromobility safety

PANTOhealth (Germany)

Simulation software and IoT for monitoring and predictive maintenance of pantograph and catenary

Lumineq (Finland)

Interactive transparent displays

Associated Apps (Poland)

The smart orientation buddy for the blind and visually impaired people

Enroute (Israel)

Personalized, location-based commerce & loyalty platform

Q Yachts Oy (Finland)

Modern electric water transport

IndeeWork (Germany)

Ticket inspection platform for public transport companies

Shotl Transportation (Spain)

Mobilty platform for on-demand public transportation

What is Moscow Transport Innovations Accelerator?

Moscow Transport Innovations Accelerator is a program launched by Moscow transport system to attract startups to solve the problems of this industry. Accelerating program takes 2 months. The expected result for each startup is a pilot project with Moscow Transport inner client.

Do you accept applications if they are focused on something different from transport solutions?

We will assess all applications; you can offer us anything from design to advertising technology. Yet, the priority would be given to the teams with potential Moscow transport fit.

Can I apply if I already work for Moscow transport?

Intrapreneurs are welcome. It’s your solution that matters, not your employment.

Can I apply if my team has no MVP, but has a great idea?

Unfortunately, we can only use MVP or prototype for piloting. Please upgrade your idea to one of those first.

Can I play solo and start acceleration alone?

No. You need at least two team players to enter accelerating program.

I have a different question, what should I do?

Send an email to and choose “Question on acceleration”. You can also add yourself to our Discord, and you’ll be the first to receive the news.