Worldwide Pitch Challenge
Broaden your mind borders!

Worldwide Pitch Challenge — Moscow Transport Innovation hub’s program with support of 13 countries from MENA, SEA, LATAM, SA regions, aimed for searching and selection of prospect products for urban transportation.

Project Purpose — exchange of experience in realization of promising city projects and integration processes of digital products around mobility and smart city.

Program consists of two major milestones:
International Expert Discussions

Local stakeholders from urban government authorities and transportation enterprises will discuss best city projects, describe processes of selection and implementation of innovations processes and key technologies, needed right now.

At the end of each discussion most promising and famous industry startups will pitch their startup and share experience of product growth, sales, and relationships with huge business customers.

Road show

At the end of the selection by MTI hub experts 50 best startups from 14 countries will represent their products for tons of investors, business customers and international innovation hubs.

From 20th March
Applications acceptance
9th February, 15:00
Mobility as a Service
16th February, 15:00
Autonomous transport and V2X
2nd March, 15:00
New passenger services in public transport
16th March, 15:00
Alternative Transport, Energy and Public Transport
Till 18th March
Applications accepted
18th – 26th March
Participant selection process
27th – 29th March
Finalist preparation for the Road Show
30th March
Road Show
What do we offer?
Scaling for foreign markets
New opportunity to attract investments
Creation of new informational partnerships
New insights about your product
Understanding of functional needs of megacities globally
Challenge Partners
Top industrial startups and experts
International innovations hubs
City transport enterprises and government authorities
South Africa
Saudi Arabia
You are our ideal startup, if

Your product corresponds to at least one of the Key Product Topics

Your company has sales of the product and revenue

You can deeply describe your product and answer complicate questions in fluent English

Key Product Topics
Alternative Transport, Energy and Public Transport

Electric and hydrogen micro mobility transport for cities (scooters, e-bikes, mopeds, etc.) for citizens and delivery services usage

All electric and hydrogen transport vehicles, including public (with new design and technological approaches)

Charging stations and storage systems, especially for electric buses (including alternative models, such as wireless charging, storage systems in charging stations)

Water, air and railway transport vehicles

Software for energy consumption management

Autonomous transport and V2X

V2V, V2I hardware and software. Plug&Play systems

Autonomous buses, taxis

New business models, based on connectivity and telematics

ADAS systems


Transportation apps

Kicksharing, Car-sharing, P2P transport sharing

On-demand transportation

New taxi business models

Consumer services in Public Transport

Services based on city transport infrastructure and other resources (public space, transportation areas, passenger traffic, etc) with low additional cost and high scaling level and new consumers experiences

New city transport services, that can be integrated in the main city transport system

Application Form

Please fill out this application form and upload your presentation. Draw your attention, that all fields should be filled in English. It is obligatory condition to take part in Challenge.

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What is Worldwide Pitch Challenge?

It is Moscow Transport Innovation hub’s program with support of 13 countries, aimed for searching and selection of prospect products for urban transportation.

What are the necessary conditions for participation in Worldwide Pitch Challenge?

Challenge is open for every company with innovation product in transportation & mobility industry. It is important for your product to correspond the Key Product Topics and have first sales and revenue. For you as a representative — speak fluent English to describe your product and answer related questions.

Which parts of the Challenge are open for participation?

Any part of the Challenge. But remember, that participation in Expert Discussion part is very competitive, so it is more possible, that we will invite you to the Road Show. For this fill the application form.

How much does it cost?

Participation in Challenge is free.

I finally sent the application. What is next?

Follow Expert Discussions in our social media or subscribe for the updates here. Then, on 26th March we will send you feedback about your participation in Road Show.

Is it obligatory for participants to live in Russia?

No. We sincerely look forward to startups from all partner states. Check them here.

I still have a question.

Ask all your questions via Discord or email